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 dongeng cinderella , cinderella , putri cinderella , cinderelaDongeng Cinderella is a popular myth that is darting through the children, both boys and girls. Nothing wrong with this Cinderela tales into a story community in the whole world not only in Indonesia and in addition the Cinderella story is also packaged in the form of films and also Cinderella cinderella animated cartoons.

Cinderella fairy tale is a lot of stories that really educating the kids, where this Cinderella story tells of a princess who is kind and who would later become a princess because of the honesty and goodness-day Cinderella.

Princess Cinderella is indeed a lot of role models for children to be good and honest heart. Well, this is because this Cinderella tale is always popular with children. For parents who want mendongengkan princess Cinderella story, please princess Cinderella story below:

Fairy tale Cinderella | Princess Cinderella Story

In a kingdom, there is a beautiful girl and a good heart. He lives with his mother and both his half-brother, because his parents had died.
In the house he was always told to do all homework. He always shouted at and only fed once a day by her stepmother. Her brothers called her evil "Cinderela". Cinderela mean girls, dirty and full of dust. "The name that suits you!" They said.

After a while, one day came the royal guards who spread the party invitation letter from the Palace. "This is fun! we will go and dress up secantikcantiknya. If I were a princess, the mother would be happy ", said mereka.Hari the anticipated arrival, the second half sister Cinderela started dressing up with joy. Cinderela very sad because he was not allowed to participate by her siblings to a party at the Palace. "Clothes you do not have anything, what would go to a party with sepert clothes that?", Said sister Cinderela.

After all go to parties, Cinderela back to his room. He cried as hard as hard because his heart was very upset. "I can not go to court with dirty clothes like this, but I want to go .." Not long after came a voice. "Cinderela, stop crying." When Cinderela turned, he saw a fairy.

Peri smiled kindly. "Cinderela take four rats and two male lizards." After everything is collected Cinderela, rats and lizards fairy brought it to the gourd garden in the backyard. "Voila!" As she spread her magic, there was a miracle. Rat rat turned into a four horses, and turned into two people kadalkadal coachman. The latter, Cinderela turned into a beautiful princess, with a very beautiful dress.

Because happy, Cinderela start dancing in circles with glass shoes like a butterfly. Peri said, "Cinderela, the influence of this magic will disappear after the bell at twelve the night stop. Because of that, go home before midnight. "Yes Grandma. Thank you, "replied Cinderela. Golden horse-drawn carriage brought Cinderela leave immediately to the palace. After arriving at the palace, he immediately went into the palace hall. Once inside, the views of all those present were on Cinderela.

They were very impressed with the beauty Cinderela. "The beauty with the princess! Daughter of the state where ya? "They asked. At last the prince came over Cinderela. "Women are beautiful, will you dance with me?" He said. "Yes!" Said Cinderela holding out his hand, smiling. They danced together in a slow rhythm.
His mother and two sisters Cinderela who were there did not think it is beautiful daughters Cinderela.

Prince continues to dance with Cinderela. "People like me you are the desire for this," said the Prince. Because happy, Cinderela forget the time. Hours start struck 12 times. "Sorry I had to get home Prince ..,". Cinderela interesting hand from the prince, and soon ran out of the Palace.
In the middle of the road, next to his shoes off, but not Cinderela memperdulikannya, he kept running. Prince Cinderela chase, but he lost track Cinderela. In the middle of the stairs, there is a glass slipper belongs Cinderela. Prince took the shoes. "I'll find you," he said, was determined in the liver. Although Cinderela back into a girl full of dust, he was very happy because it could leave the party.

The next day, the guards who sent the Prince came to the houses that have their daughters across the country to match the glass slipper with their feet, but no matches. Until finally the guards arrived at the house Cinderela.
"We are looking for the girl whose feet fit the glass slipper," said the guard. Both brothers Cinderela try these shoes, but their feet are too big. They're forcing her legs inserted into the glass shoes until blisters. At that time, guards saw Cinderela. "Hey you, try these shoes," he said. Cinderela stepmother becomes
angry, "will not fit with this child!".

Then Cinderela stretched his legs. Apparently these shoes is perfect. "Ah! You're the princess, "cried the guards happy. "Cinderela, congratulations ..," Cinderela looking back, the fairy was standing behind him. "From now live happy with the Prince. Voila!., "He said.

Once the reading fairy spell, Cinderela turn into a princess who wore a wedding dress. "The effect of this magic will not disappear even if the clock struck twelve times", said the fairy. Cinderela escorted by the mice and birds that become his friend. Arriving at the Palace, the Prince greeted him, smiling happily. Finally Cinderela married Prince and happy life.

Well, the brothers of the princess says the Once Upon A good-hearted Cinderella, so be a good boy like a princess Cinderella. Ok so the final fairy tale of Cinderella .... END


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